Organizational Structure & Staffing

“As a young person with dreams and no support, HOTT rescued me.  I see a bright future ahead and thanks to HOTT, in particular the management of HOTT – yes, they make a living working for HOTT but as a tenant I had always felt that their work is beyond that – they are working for a cause they believe in: lending a helping hand to the needy ones.” – Tenant


Message from HOTT’s Executive Director

Welcome to HOTT. Thank you for visiting our website. I would like to share with you some of the things that I believe are so special about HOTT, and why I am so passionate about our organization.

We weLisa_IMG_9528re founded over 30 years ago by a committed group of downtown Toronto activists. That same commitment to providing good quality affordable housing for homeless and marginalized individuals and families continues as does the commitment to support our tenants so that they can maintain their housing. We have taken these two concepts and embraced them in our tag line “housing and a helping hand.”

Something that has always made HOTT special is that even at our inception there was a clear belief that tenants needed to have a say in how the organization was run. Since 1987 we have consistently had both tenants and non-tenants serving in the governance of our organization as Directors, Officers and Committee Members.

Building and keeping solid relationships is HOTT’s strength. People are at the cornerstone of our organization. We are small but strong, and totally committed to making a positive difference in people’s lives. Respecting and valuing the contributions of all individuals is a key to our success.

We have learned many lessons along the way and have made changes to the services we provide. HOTT started off with providing shared housing for individuals, and then we learned from our tenants and applicants that they wanted to have their own apartments. Now we only develop new properties having self-contained apartments.

Also, we started off buying properties and then renovating them in order to provide good quality units. Then we learned how to develop and build our own properties. We have built two properties; the first was a mid-rise apartment building and the second was a townhouse development. We are currently investigating various development options available to us, and are hoping to provide creative and stable housing solutions to meet the needs of homeless and marginalized individuals and families.

We innovate wherever possible. HOTT has been a willing participant in a number of pilot projects over the years. We know that our model works, and are enthusiastic about increasing our portfolio and being able to offer more units and services in the future.

Thanks for reading my message, and I invite you to become involved in helping HOTT with our mission. Please contact me if you would like to get involved in our organization.

Best wishes,

Lisa Horrocks

Financial Statements

HOTT Signed Audited Financial Statements 31 March 2016

HOTT Signed Audited Financial Statements 31 March 2015