Can I volunteer with HOTT?

Yes, there are two types of volunteers. The Governance Volunteers sit on standing committees, on project specific committees and on the Board of Directors. The Operations Volunteers assist staff in the day-to-day operations of HOTT. HOTT has an application and selection process for both kinds of volunteers.

“I enjoy the positive working atmosphere at HOTT, and knowing that I’m helping things run smoothly so that staff can devote their time and energy to making a difference in people’s lives.”
– Shelley

Petrela, Winter & Associates

Many beautification projects 007that have been identified across HOTT’s properties are well under way thanks to volunteers over at PW&A.  Not only do these projects enhance the spaces, but they also improve the quality of life for many of our tenants who call these properties home.  A little (or a lot of) TLC goes a long way!

We are honoured to have you on board PW&A – Thank you!

Does HOTT accept donations?

Yes, we will definitely happily accept monetary donations, gift cards, or tickets to entertainment venues, which we can use to help improve the lives of our tenants.

child_christmas2013We accept donated furniture, household items, books or clothing on a case by case basis. Please contact us with your details at if you would like to be kept on our interested donor’s list for future reference. Thank you for thinking about us!

Please consider our organization when you are thinking about your future planned giving, bequests and estate planning. We will honour your wishes, and your gift will continue to have meaning in helping people who need your help and in being part of providing more affordable housing in Toronto.

Special project

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