“Thank you very much for this beautiful house.  The wait was so long but it is truly worth the wait.  I appreciate your small kindnesses that are very big to me (Birthday cards).  Your thoughtfulness is so appreciated.  All of your patience with me truly warms my heart.” – Tenant

Ongoing projects

HOTT’s involvement with the refugee crisis

With the influx of refugees in Canada and around the world, HOTT has been able to play its part in the safe and secure housing of one immigrant family and several immigrant individuals. It is very rewarding to see their settlement into daily life and to be able to assist with many things that one usually takes for granted.

Tenant Relocation Support Services

HOTT has been selected by the SSHA office to be a part of a new and important initiative in the City of Toronto.  Vulnerable tenants facing imminent homelessness will be relocated by HOTT and supported until successful stabilization.  We are happy to be a part of this exciting new service for Toronto residents.

Investing in Neighbourhoods


Investing in Neighbourhoods is an initiative whereby non-profit organizations are enabled to create employment opportunities for OW participants in Toronto.  Having successfully obtained funding, HOTT is now creating job openings for individuals who are eager and ready to jump back into the work force.

Art Gallery of Ontarioago17

As part of the AGO Community Access Program, the HOTT community is able to enjoy an enriching day at the AGO free of charge.  HOTT has received lots of positive feedback from happy tenants who have visited.  Thank you for this wonderful program!

Completed Projects

HOTT’s Properties Conversion Pilot Project

HOTT has completed our Homelessness Partnering Strategy (HPS) project, and it is a great success!

Thanks to the Affordable Housing Office (AHO) of the City of Toronto we received funding to convert two of our shared houses to self-contained apartments.  Each building now contains a one-bedroom and a two-bedroom apartment.  We rented the units to the delighted tenants in February.

The AHO is now creating a publication to showcase the pilot project.

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Housing Support & Stabilization Fund

HOTT was awarded a grant from the Housing Support & Stabilization Fund (HSSF) by the City of Toronto’s Social Housing Unit (SHU).

With the funding we hired an engineering company to complete a Building Condition Assessment (BCA) of one of our properties.